How Clinical Mobility Helps Improve Patient Outcomes

clinical mobility improves patient outcomes
With a focus on patient-centered care, healthcare providers are searching for solutions that can improve patient outcomes, especially now amid a global health crisis. Clinical mobility solutions–including purpose built smartphones–help improve communication among care team members, accelerate patient response times,…
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3 Strategies to Protect Care Team Safety with Mobile Tech

mobile tech for care team safety
As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, the health and safety of our frontline healthcare workers is critical to maintaining the effectiveness of the overall healthcare system. Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare facilities have heightened their…
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Android 10: Getting Your Apps Ready

Android 10
When mobile device manufacturers upgrade their operating system, applications also need to be upgraded to ensure that device users have uninterrupted access to critical mobile workflows and communication tools. Later this year, our Versity smartphone will transition from Android 8…
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Cleaning Your Phone Best Practices

cleaning your phone
At Spectralink, we are monitoring the progression of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and are carefully following CDC guidelines to protect our staff, partners, and customers throughout the globe. In addition, we’re encouraging everyone in our network to do their part…
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Managing Smartphones in Shared Environments

In today’s highly connected world, more and more businesses–including large enterprises such as hospitals, retail, and manufacturing environments–rely on smartphones not only for communication, but also to access information and critical applications on the go. An increasingly mobile workforce means…
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