Mobile Tech

Digital Transformation. The Internet of Things. Big ideas–and rapid innovation–are shaping the future of enterprise mobility. These trends are changing the way we work and live, as smart devices connect us to more and more of the world around us and place a wealth of capabilities at our fingertips. Together, we’re transforming tomorrow.

Transform Your IP-DECT System with UCaaS Integration

Whether you are an enterprise organization or a small business, unified communications (UC) can help you improve some of the most critical aspects of running your business, from boosting productivity to increasing your top and bottom line. Why UCaaS? Unified…
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4 Benefits of a Virtual IP-DECT Server

Traditionally, DECT servers are an additional piece of hardware that must be included in any DECT mobility deployment. However, Spectralink has just released a unique software-only virtual IP-DECT server, the Virtual IP-DECT Server One.  The first of its kind on…
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3 Strategies to Protect Care Team Safety with Mobile Tech

mobile tech for care team safety
As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, the health and safety of our frontline healthcare workers is critical to maintaining the effectiveness of the overall healthcare system. Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare facilities have heightened their…
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3 Ways DECT Technology Ensures Security

DECT security
If you ask our customers why they use Spectralink DECT products, you will probably get similar answers: Our DECT products are flexible—with the highest level of unified communications interoperability on the market. In addition, they are always ready for the…
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Managing Smartphones in Shared Environments

In today’s highly connected world, more and more businesses–including large enterprises such as hospitals, retail, and manufacturing environments–rely on smartphones not only for communication, but also to access information and critical applications on the go. An increasingly mobile workforce means…
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3 Keys to Successful Mobility Deployment

mobility deployment requirements graphic
In the next three years, 1.75 billion people will be mobile within the workplace, which means businesses are tackling mobility with the hope of increasing productivity and increasing operational efficiency. However, in order to do this, businesses need to realise…
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