Today’s tech-savvy shoppers have a world of information about products, prices and options that are only a click away. To win sales, retailers need to empower associates with data and mobility tools to meet customer demands for enhanced service capabilities and personalized care. Successful retailers are leveraging enterprise-grade mobility solutions to deliver real-time, relevant information to grow your relationships, revenue and competitive advantage.

3 Ways Mobile Tech Enables Cost Optimization in Retail

curbside pickup at a retail store
As states begin to relax stay-at-home orders and allow retailers to enter phased reopening, retail stores continue to face challenges and threats to their profitability. Department stores and other discretionary retail are still struggling with lowered consumer demand, massive shifts…
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5 Trends That are Transforming the Retail Landscape

People in medical masks doing shopping in supermarket. Quarantine coronavirus 2019-nCoV in the store
The retail industry has experienced upheaval as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many major retail brands and local shops alike have closed the doors to their brick and mortar locations temporarily to help protect customers and employees from potential…
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Android 10: Getting Your Apps Ready

Android 10
When mobile device manufacturers upgrade their operating system, applications also need to be upgraded to ensure that device users have uninterrupted access to critical mobile workflows and communication tools. Later this year, our Versity smartphone will transition from Android 8…
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Cleaning Your Phone Best Practices

cleaning your phone
At Spectralink, we are monitoring the progression of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and are carefully following CDC guidelines to protect our staff, partners, and customers throughout the globe. In addition, we’re encouraging everyone in our network to do their part…
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Managing Smartphones in Shared Environments

In today’s highly connected world, more and more businesses–including large enterprises such as hospitals, retail, and manufacturing environments–rely on smartphones not only for communication, but also to access information and critical applications on the go. An increasingly mobile workforce means…
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2019 Retail Industry Predictions and Path Forward

At the end of last year, leaders from the National Retail Federation (NRF) as well as top industry analysts and experts shared their best guesses on where the retail industry would likely focus in 2019. Topping the predictive lists were…
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3 Keys to Successful Mobility Deployment

mobility deployment requirements graphic
In the next three years, 1.75 billion people will be mobile within the workplace, which means businesses are tackling mobility with the hope of increasing productivity and increasing operational efficiency. However, in order to do this, businesses need to realise…
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